I never imagined there would be such a big roof that could be climbed.

100 meters of fresh air licks your feet while you are moving on across a blank wall sparingly dotted with crystal edges. Like the splashes on the mirror while you are washing hands in the bathroom, infrequent and invisible.

Birds fly by, making a whipping noise while watching you passing this 60 meter long journey. It only takes them a blink.

Hands up at your head level, utilizing holds that are smaller than your first finger joints, to keep yourself into the wall. Nature is forcing you to surrender, but you can’t give up quite yet. Between you and oblivion, the only thing that is saving you is a couple chair sized loose block, and a thin rope attached to your harness.

One fall of merely 1 meter made everything out of reach. The gap under the roof became part of the griming face, laughing that you as a human are so weak, so out of breath, so helpless.

My hand is still sweating while writing this post, I want to control it, but my body won’t listen. The weight of Gram, feather like, yet hard to bear.

Thanks to Johnny for bravely leading this route.